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CatZip Chase Mouse Toy by Dogmatic™ Products  

CatZip Chase Mouse Toy by Dogmatic™ Products

Sturdier new design. Cames assorted in black and fun pink color. The world’s only pull-back (spring-loaded) mouse toy with embedded catnip! The unique, patent pending, CatZip™ is built upon a spring-loaded pull-back chassis that propels this cat toy across the floor. The CatZip™ will quickly move across the floor from a stationary position -- mimicking the action of a real mouse bolting from your cat in an effort to escape. This combined with the aroma of catnip will drive your cat WILD! Dogmatic Products only uses top grade American sourced catnip in the CatZip™. Even when you are not around to use the CatZip™ to interact with your cat, it will still enjoy playing with the soft texture of the product, and be drawn by the aroma of catnip. Pink ears and pink wheels add the finishing touches to a beautiful toy with an erect self-balancing wire tail.

Price: $4.99