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Awapuhi Ke\'oke\'o Hawaiian Doggie Fragrance™ - 2 oz.  

Awapuhi Ke'oke'o Hawaiian Doggie Fragrance™ - 2 oz.

Cocojor Hawaiian Doggie Fragrance - Flowers are an intricate part of our lives in Hawaii. In an enchanting way they represent ALOHA. COCOJOR HAWAII® createded this original, authentic Hawaii Doggie Fragrance™ to keep pets, humans, and households exquisitely scented with Aloha.
Awapuhi Ke'oke'o: The "Awapuhi Ke'oke'o," or Hawaiian White Ginger Flower has a romantic, delicate scent and a beautiful, orchid-like configuration. The Hawaiian White Ginger Flower is known to be one of Hawaii's favorite blossoms, carrying an enchanting aura of deep respect and mesmerizing impression.

Price: $8.00